P09045: Membrane Characterization Test Stand

Test Product Concept(s)

Step 1. Define the Purpose of the Concept Test

The clamping system needs to be evaluated in order to make sure the clamps don't sever or interfere with the material in any way.
An FEA model was created to test the clamping system.

Step 2. Run Test and Interpret Results

Ansys Analysis of mounting methods for the biaxial Adapter Test stand:
From the analysis it can be determined that either mounting method would be sufficient. The Deflection at the center of the membrane sample is exactly the same regardless of attachment method. There is a greater deflection of the overall sample when using the suture method which actually proves to be a negative quality. Less deflection of the entire membrane, but greater deflection at the central region would be ideal.
Suture Results

Suture Results

Clamp Results

Clamp Results

FEA Model
The above link shows ANSYS deflections of sutures vs. the clamping system.

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