P09051: Blood Gas Sensor


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Project Overview

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The objective of the project is to quantify the partial pressure of oxygen present in a medium, be it gaseous or aqueous oxygen using fluorescent quenching techniques presently available in certain types of biological reagent compounds. The design will utilize a PIN-Photodiode filtered to the wavelength emitted by the fluorescent marker, fabricated in the RIT SMFL. The fluorescent marker, Ru(dpp) will be introduced into a polymer matrix which will then be applied to the surface of the photodiode. A specific experimental setup will be used to quantify various levels of gaseous oxygen, calibrating the device to monitor molecular oxygen in various mediums. The group Mechanical Engineer will be assigned to creating the test chamber, including making the system oxygen impermeable and the system fully customizable for sample testing (gas flow meters/valves with sample and excitation LED height-adjustable mounts) The project will be completed when the sample is constructed and the fluorescent quenching effect is characterized fully for gaseous oxygen.

This project will be a collaborative effort between the Microelectronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering departments working in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

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Oxygen Gas Sensor (via micromachining and Fluorence Quenching techniques)
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Bioengineering Fundamentals
Biomedical Systems & Technologies
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Faculty Guide
Prof. George Slack (EE)
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Dr. Sean Rommel (Micro-E)

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Hamamatsu Photodiode

Phillips LumiLED

Benchmarking; LM741 Opamp Datasheet

Benchmarking; TLC277 Opamp Datasheet

Benchmarking; INA128 Opamp Datasheet


References for MSDS material

Information with design and fabrication of photodiodes

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Photodiode circuit considerations from national semiconductors