P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade

Background Documentation

Table of Contents


Info on Carestream


Info on Qioptic


Qioptic's Optigrid

OptiGrid Theory

OptiGrid User Guide

Calibration Tech Notes

GUI Interface Intro

Grid Displacement Time

OptiGrid Motorization USB HID Class Interface Instruction

Opti-Grid System Requirements Document

OptiGrid Industrial Brochure

Image Station 4000MM

IS 4000MM Specifications

IS Specs Comparision Table

More IS Specs Info

Phantom Hand

Design and Review of Optical Phantom

Design for Optical Phantom

Phantom Measurements

Preparation and Characterization of Polyurethane Phantoms

Phantom Final Design


Testing Scheimflug Principle


Structured Illumination Paper

Optically sectioned imaging by oblique plane microscopy

Optoacoustic System for 3D Functional and Molecular Imaging in Nude Mice

Alternative Solutions

GE Healthcare - Optical Z-sectioning

Improvision - Volocity Grid Confocal

OptiGrid Confocal System

Scheimplug Principle

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