P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade

Establish Target Specifications

Target Specifications Table

Engr. Spec. # Importance Source Specification (description) Unit of Measure Marginal Value Ideal Value Comments/Status
ES1 Required CN3, CN5 Light source and mounting fixture Feature Metrics TBD during concept selection (Size and Power Specs)
ES2 Required CN3 Optigrid paddle receptacle fixture mm3 Metrics TBD during concept selection (Size)
ES3 Required CN1, CN3 Relay optics required to project Optigrid onto platen Feature Metrics TBD during concept selection (size, also dependent on paddle receptacle)
ES4 Required CN2 Collect filtered image data from Optigrid Feature With limited artifact (Need applicable metric)
ES5 Required CN4, CN9, CN18 Capable of differentiating between different depths of modulation between captured pixels Feature Need DOM metric
ES6 Required CN1, CN2, CN3, CN12, CN17 Process to implement algorithm for 3-D reconstruction of image Procedure Needs depth resolution metric. Based on meeting ES5
ES7 Required CN6 System calibration procedure Procedure Needs to be expanded for calibration parameters (depth, image size, light intensity)
ES8 Required CN9 Minimum penetration of light mm 20 40 Depth of human knuckle
ES9 Required CN10, CN16 Minimum image size per picture mm2 40x40 100x100
ES10 Required CN11 Minimum imaging time per 9 in2 min 15 3
ES11 Preferred CN13 Minimum imaging time per in3 min TBD (Based on Algorithm complexity)
ES12 Preferred CN6 Phantom Hand size mm3
ES13 Preferred CN6 Phantom Hand scattering properties Feature TBD via medical science advice
ES14 Preferred CN7, CN14, CN15 Fixture for human hand Feature

Preliminary Specifications

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