P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade


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Project Overview

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A currently available 2-D high-resolution, optical molecular imaging system will be modified by the addition of a structured illumination source to investigate the feasibility of providing depth resolution along the optical axis. The modification includes additional optics as well as control and signal processing software. The objective of this effort is to evaluate the possibility of providing low-cost, non-invasive, functional imaging in three dimensions. In addition to the proposed system modifications, a calibration device will also be developed to test the capabilities of the system in terms of range and resolution.

Project initiated and sponsored by Carestream Health.

Project Personnel

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Name Discipline Role / Skills
Daniel Phillips EE Faculty Guide
Maria Helguera CIS Faculty Guide
Richard Doolittle COS Faculty Consultant
Ben McGee EE Software Development
Brandon Luquette EE Software Development
Aaron Phipps ME Team Leader/Mechanical Design
Patricia Heneka ME Mechanical Design
Dien Nguyen CIS Optical Design/Software Development
Heather Drake COS Phantom Hand Design

Customer Information

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Primary Customer
Carestream Health
Gilbert Feke
Senior Optical Engineer
gilbert_feke@carestreamhealth.com, 203-786-5638
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Additional Customer
Qioptiq Imaging Solutions
Linda Antos
Senior Electrical Engineer
linda.antos@ny.qioptiq.com, (585)-223-2370 x148

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Depth Discrimination

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