P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade

Mission Statement

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Collecting Project Background Raw Data

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Interview on Monday December 8th, 2008

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

Project Summary

Customer Needs

# Need Rank 1-10 Dependent on Need(s)
1 Based on Carestream Health, Inc.'s existing imaging platform 10
2 The prototype will be capable of performing depth-resolved optical molecular imaging of a stationary phantom hand. 10
3 Integration of Qioptiq's structured illumination technology 7
4 Capable of depth discrimination between fluorescence signals originating from the front of the hand vs. the back of the hand. 10
5 The prototype will be capable of spectral tuning for wavelength 10
6 The production of a phantom hand usable for accurate calibration and testing 6
7 The prototype will have an ergonomic interface. 1
8 The prototype will have an easily understood users manual. 3
9 Capable of imaging to the depth of an average knuckle 7
10 Maximum image area per picture with minimal trade offs 7 3
11 Minimize time to image square inch with minimal trade offs 8 3, 7, 10
12 Capable of creating three dimensional image of a whole hand 9 6, 9, 10, 11
13 Minimize time to image cubic inch with minimal trade offs 6 10, 11
14 Ergonomic design for patient 1
15 Hand immobilization 1 14
16 Capable of imaging the area of one knuckle in one image 9
17 Develop process to implement structured illumination depth reconstruction algorithm 9
18 Demonstrate different depths of modulation for different physical depths 10 3
Importance: Sample scale (10=must have, 5=nice to have, 1=preference only)

Customer Need - Excel Worksheet

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

To design a prototype test platform for depth defined molecular imaging.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Health care hand imaging

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

This technology is currently limited by how far it can penetrate tissue, but at some point could be scaled up to image feet, knees and possibly the whole body.

A future project could involve a hand restraining device or commercial box.


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