P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade

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Project Background:

Carestream Health, Inc., has a need for a research prototype of a clinical system capable of performing depth-resolved optical molecular imaging of a stationary human hand, specifically fluorescence imaging. The primary goal of this project is to develop the prototype and an effective calibration method. The prototype will be based upon modifications made to a currently available 2-D high-resolution, optical molecular imaging system applying a technology developed by Qioptiq Imaging Solutions, Inc. known as the structured illumination system to enable three dimensional capability. The calibration device will be a simple geometric test object will be developed to assess range, resolution and sensitivity of the desired prototype as well as being representative of features associated with the material properties and spatial organization of a human hand.

Problem Statement:

The primary problem the team is trying to solve is the application of structured illumination to Carestream Healthcare current molecular imaging system platform. Supplemental goals include the development of a suitable calibration fixture and protocol.


  1. Application of structured illumination to KODAK F molecular imaging system
  2. Calibration device and procedure for prototype
  3. Full design documentation for prototype and calibration device
  4. Functional test data from prototype and calibration device


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Core Team Members:

Strategy & Approach

Assumptions & Constraints:

  1. Qioptiq Imaging Solutions structured illumination system is suitable for application to the KODAK F molecular imaging system to solve the presented problem.
  2. The algorithms necessary to reconstruct depth information are able to be development in six months time

Issues & Risks:


Project Description

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