P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade


Questions for the Customer - as of our meeting Saturday, December 6th, 2008

- Who is the customer? Who makes the calls? What is the realtionship between Carestream and Qioptic?

- What are they looking for? What is the priority of each?

- Size?
- User Interface?
- Appearance?
- Precision/Resolution required? Any measurements?
- Scalability? For the end use what do they want to do? Is this the next MRI?
- Cost? Budget?
- Image size? Are we only looking at a 20 x 20 cm section at a time? How long will this take to image entire hand? Do we need to sedate someone and pay for an anesthesiologist to take an x-ray of their hand?
- What documentation are they looking for? What format is expected?
- What kind of time line do they expect?
- What milestones?
- How do they rank their needs?

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