P09052: Molecular Imaging System Upgrade

Team Roles

Team Roles

Aaron Phipps (Team Lead, Mechanical Engineer)

Main responsibilities as the team lead will include organizing the team in a sufficient manner to enable members to achieve project milestones in a timely fashion by ensuring fluent communication among contributors. He will also provide support as a mechanical engineer to Patricia in the development and construction of a mechanical housing to sufficiently integrate Qioptiq Optigrid filter with Carestream imaging system.

Patricia Heneka (Individual Contributor, Mechanical Engineer)

Main responsibilities will include the completion of mechanical drawings necessary to enable adequate construction of housing for the Optigrid filter. Once this has been achieved she will proceed with the construction of said housing. All of these actions will be supported by Aaron. She will also be responsible for Edge webs design.

Brandon Luquette (Lead Engineer, Electrical Engineer)

Functioning as Lead Engineer, Brandon will act on the systems level as well as the component level. On the system level he will strive for the seamless integration of the mechanical support system with the electrical/imaging systems. He will also provide assistance to Ben in developing the process necessary to implement the depth reconstruction algorithm on filtered captured images.

Ben McGee (Individual Contributor, Electrical Engineer)

Main responsibilities will include the development of any proto boards necessary for the integration of the optical and electrical systems. He will also be the main contributor to the development of the process necessary to implement the depth reconstruction algorithm on filtered captured images.

Dien Nguyen (Individual Contributor, Imaging Science)

Responsibilities will include researching and understanding the imaging properties of the system and utilizing this understanding to develop proper calibration and capture algorithms to achieve and render the desired 3-D model.

Heather Drake (Individual Contributor, Medical Science)

Development of a phantom hand.

All team members are expected to maintain working knowledge of all aspects of the project. This expectation will help to enable a working prototype.

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