P09122: MAV_2

Generate Product Concepts

Table of Contents

System Concepts

Overall System Concept Diagram

Micro-Controller Concepts

Control System Concepts

Preliminary PID Control System Concept

Stability Augmentation System Concept

Sensor Concepts

Sensor Concepts Matrix
Measurement Needs A B C D E
Aircraft Translation 3 uni-axial accels 3-axis accel IMU IMU+GPS
Aircraft Rotation 3 uni-axial gyros 3-axis gyro IMU IMU+GPS Optical
Airspeed Pitot-Static Probe Anemometer
Altitude Press & Temp Sensors Commercial Altimeter Optics
Angle of Attack Guide Vane Multi-Hole Pressure Multi-Wire Anemometer Num Approx Null-Seeking Pressure Tube

Test Stand Concepts

Reference Test Stand Concept

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