P09122: MAV_2

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Step 1. Gather Raw Data From Customers

Interactions with Customers

All interactions with customers and stakeholders are outline in the following link to the Interview History table which contains links to the summaries of those interviews.

Interview History

Step 2. Interpret Raw Data in Terms of Customer Needs

Step 3. Organize the Needs into a Hierarchy

Objective Tree

Step 4. Establish the Relative Importance of the Needs

Needs Importance Summary
Need The Product Needs to Importance
Need 1.1: Autonomous as Possible As many autonomous functions as resources permit 7
Need 1.2: Create Stable Flight Achieve desired flight qualities 1
Need 1.2.1: Command Surfaces Move Surface appropriate direction and amount 1
Need 1.3: Video Relay Capture and relay surroundings to fly remotely 10
Need 2.1: Process Data Receive Data and determine action 4
Need 2.2: Calibrated for platform Control based on Aerodynamics of platform 8
Need 2.3: Compensate for Environment Correct and Recover from environmental disturbance 3
Need 2.4: Compensate for Payload Adjust aerodynamics based on payloads 11
Need 2.5: Interchangeable Sensors Upgradeable and Replaceable 12
Need 3.1: Simultaneous with Remote Work concurrently and assist during remote input 5
Need 3.2: Measure Conditions Collect data of all in-flight conditions 2
Need 3.3: GPS Capability Measure and program position 13
Need 4.1: Light Weight Minimize weight <0.5kg 9
Need 4.2: Fit in Platform Minimize size < 2.5"x2.5"x8" 9
Need 5.1: Independent from platform Not reliant on other projects, configurable and testable 6

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