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Interview 1

Interview 1 - Project Scope

Interview 1 Agenda

The purpose of this Interview was to choose and define the scope of three possible MAV projects, which could be planned for DPM during the 2008-3 term. The following is a paraphrased summary of the interview.

Project Scope Interview
Interviewers: Erik Bellandi, Joe Hozdic, Aaron Nash
Sponsor: Dr. Jeffrey Kozak, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Date 20 March 2008, 4:00PM, Engineering Learning Center
We just wanted to meet with you and see what the possibilities are for MAV next year. We're all currently in DPM and in the MEeng program so we we're hoping to figure out projects that each of us can create PRP for and possibly lead next year. What are some projects that you think could be done next year?
Dr. Kozak:
I think there are a lot of things that could be done next year but I also what you to work on something that you're interested in. Did you look at the 2008 MAV competition rules and see any area that you would like to work on?
Erik and I were discussing thing and we saw at least 2 projects, the platform and a flight control system. Erik is interested in doing the flight control system and I am interested in doing the platform.
We thought those would be two good projects and were thinking maybe a testbed might be good for another project to test everything and make sure it all works together. Which might be a project Joe could do.
Dr. Kozak:
The platform and controls would definitely be good projects to work on and Erik if you want to do the controls I would suggest asking either Dr. Crassidis or Dr. Lam to be faculty consultant because that's not my area of expertise. It might also be good to look into what BYU has done because I know they have done a lot of projects in flight control systems. Also it might be a little aggressive to try and do the projects jointly because as we've seen in past and current projects it usually results in one team not being able to do any work because they are waiting on the other team for information. I would suggest especially for the controls project to maybe use an off the shelf plane to develop and test the control system then it could be integrated with the platform and it might have to be in a future senior design team. It'd suggest having the projects be mainly independent and then just integrated later. In the past there has also been a separate team working on the propulsion so another possibility would be to split the platform into multiple projects. You could have one project focus on propulsion or you could have one focus more of the aerodynamics and another do more of the structural aspect of the platform. Is that something you'd be interested in.
That would be good. I don't really know much about the aero stuff but doing the structure would be good. What would the structural project do exactly as opposed to the aerodynamics project?
Dr. Kozak:
Aaron, if you want to do the aerodynamics would you do the propulsion as well?
Yeah, I could do the propulsion, lifting surfaces like the wing and tail and the control surfaces.
Dr. Kozak:
Ok, so Joe you could do more of the structural components like the fuselage and mounting of all the electronics and hardware.
Another question we had was if we end up doing these projects next year when would you recommend doing them? Fall and Spring or Winter and Spring?
Dr. Kozak:
Well sometimes it's hard to get Mechanical people for the fall but possible, and with the weather for test and especially for you Erik because your team will need more electrical and computer people so yeah I think Fall/Spring would be good.

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