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Interview 3

Interview 3 - Mission, Objectives and Needs Review

Interview 3 Agenda

The purpose this interview was to obtain the project objectives, develop the customer needs, collect backgrounds information and identify the stakeholders. The following is a paraphrased summary of the interview.

Sponsor Interview
Interviewers: Erik Bellandi, Aaron Nash and Joe Hozdic
Sponsor: Dr. Jeffrey Kozak
Date: Friday 04 April 2008, 1:00PM, Location: ELC
We just wanted to talk to you about an over all MAV project Mission Statement. Because there are multiple teams this year we were wondering if you had any thoughts on what the objective of the MAV projects are and where you want MAV in general to go.
The purpose of the MAV project at RIT is at least 2 or 3 fold so I'll kind of just give them to you randomly.
First of all one of the purposes of the MAV team is to build a semi-autonomous toward the future autonomous air vehicle which can be use as a sensor platform for senior design and graduate level projects in the college of engineering and the college of imaging science.
Secondly another purpose is to provide undergraduate student at RIT with a hands on aero project. An aerospace project that students can actually build and low cost enough that students can actually work on it and you know provide that experience for them. Something that you can manufacture. I think that's part of the appeal to it. Something that students can actually put their hands on.
Lastly, another goal is in the past 5 or 6 years, RIT has competed in the US/international MAV competition which no longer exists as of last year and it was n replace with the US/European competition which is a much more aggressive competition then the previous one. So one of the goals is to come up to speed and be able to have a plane that competes in that competition. Most of the schools that are in that competition have mostly graduate students working on their plane and so we are playing a little of a catch up game because we mostly have undergrad. And we had to do that before when I first came to RIT and wanted to get into the us/international competitions and we didn't for the first 3 years because we had to play catch up because all the schools that were in it had already been doing it for several years. So it's the same thing here the competition has changed and is a lot more aggressive and we want to plan to enter that competition in the future. Reason being because 1 it provide external exposure for RIT and 2 most importantly it really provides motivation for student and helps them be able to participate in this event. So that's kind of what I feel as an over mission statement.
Another goal of the project is so it is self sustainable meaning that all the funding for the project has to come from external sources.

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