P09122: MAV_2

Risk Assessment

Describes the possible risks that might occur during the project including but not limited to risks of design, testing, or project planning. Risks are any thing that may cause or lead to the project not being successful. Risks are described with a probability of happening, severity of effect and overall risk which is a combination of probability and severity. A method of mitigation is also described to determine ways to reduce either the probability or severity of the occurrence of the risk.

Risk Assessment
Risk Probability Severity Overall Risk Mitigation
Funding Low Low Low Working this summer to get funding and already have important components from this years team.
Faculty Guide Med Med Med As soon as it is determined talk to other faculty who are focused on controls.
Micro-controller Med Med Med Work with company ASAP to get new products and software.
Other Teams Low Low Low Test system with test fixture and flight testing with either off-the-shelf kit plane or previous year's MAV platform.
Damaged Electronics Low High Med Heavy focus on simulation and static testing to ensure proper behavior before flight testing.
Component Interfacing Low High Med Thoroughly research all components and datasheets and prototype as soon as possible.
Damage Electronics when interfacing Low High Med Thoroughly research all components and datasheets and prototype as soon as possible.
Discrete Effects on Control System Low High Med Research digital controls, consult with faculty and discretize system and simulations to account for discrete effects.
Difficulty getting platform aerodynamic values High Med Med Review example Datcom files and consult with faculty. Get preliminary values and refine from testing
Receiving hardware soon enough to prototype and test Med Med Med Complete component selection as soon as possible and order parts.
Test Stand Safety Low High Med Test Stepper motor driver with motor unattached, create test procedures with emergency stop and create protective cover for test stand.

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