P09122: MAV_2

Set Final Specifications

List of Metrics

The table below presents the metrics, or engineering specifications, for the design.

List of Metrics
Metric No. Metric Importance Units
1 Recover from 5 mph wing gust 5 Mpm, M/S
2 Fly straight and level within a meter over a distance of 50 meters 6 ft, m
3 Have at least 6 changeable parameters 7 #
4 Weight less then 0.5 kgs 4 kg, lb
5 All testing matrices completed 1 #
6 Receive and process remote signal 2 Y/N
7 Transmit data to ground unit 8 List
8 Process and use data from all sensors 3 Y/N, List
9 Determine plane's position within 2 meter 9 ft, m
10 Fly a designated pattern within 2 meters 10 ft, m
11 Be smaller then 2.5"x2.5"x8" 4 ft, m
12 Achieve all Level 1 flight qualities 3 Y/N, List

Flight Qualities

The desired flight qualities that will be used to measure the performance of the platform and control system are based on DoD and FAA aircraft quality specifications.

Summary of Flight Quality Specifications

Table of Specifications For Level 1 Flight Qualities
Mode Metric Min Max
Phugoid Mode Damping Ratio, zeta 0.04 -
Short-Period Mode Damping Ratio, zeta_sp 0.30 2.0
Spiral Mode Time to Double Amplitude (sec), td 1.4 -
Roll Mode Roll Time Contsant (sec), T - 1.4
Dutch Roll Mode Damping Ratio, zeta* 0.08 -
Dutch Roll Mode Natural Freqency (rad/sec), omega_n 0.04 -
Dutch Roll Mode Magnitude of real part of complex root, zeta_omega_n* 0.15 -

'*' Which ever criteria yields the larger value of zeta

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