P09123: MAV 1 & 3

Establish Target Specifications

Table of Contents

List of Metrics

The table below presents the metrics, or engineering specifications, that will be used by the team to design against.



The metrics, or engineering specifications, that you created in the preceding list should be directly related to the customer needs. In other words, if you have created an engineering specification, it should have some relationship to a need imposed by the customer or the marketplace. Use the table below to map your customer needs against the metrics (or engineering specifications). In many design and product development circles, the rows along the left is often referred to as the voice of the customer, while the columns across the top are often referred to as the voice of the engineer.


Collect Competitive Benchmarking Information

Airfoil, Wing, and Aerodynamics

All benchmarking for the wing and airfoil was done against the P08121 aircraft

Control Surfaces




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