P09123: MAV 1 & 3

Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Name Discipline Role Description/Skills
Dr. Jeffery Kozak Mechanical Engineering Faculty Guide

Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success. Will also provide technical support to the team as needed.

Dr. Hany Ghoneim Mechanical Engineering Faculty Consultant

Will provide advanced technical support for composite manufacturing and design.

Dr. Agamemnon Crassidis Mechanical Engineering Faculty Consultant

Will provide advanced technical support for flight dynamics calculations.

Joseph Hozdic Mechanical Engineering Project Manager/ Chief Engineer

Will oversee all project activities and assign appropriate tasks to all group members as well as actively participate in procuring project endorsement and facilitating customer communication. Responsible for ensuring that the project is delivered successfully, on time, and under budget. Will work with the Project Managers of concurrent MAV projects toward a successful integration. Will oversee all major aspects of the design and assist team members wherever possible.

Aaron Nash Mechanical Engineering Chief Engineer

Responsible for the technical aspects of the MAV Platform. Will oversee all applications of engineering calculation to the vehicle design. Will work closely with the other group members to develop a successful product. Must be able to perform fundamental engineering analysis, in a variety of disciplines, in order to ensure that product will meet all design goals.

Corey Kulcu-Roca Mechanical Engineering Materials Engineer

Responsible for all material selection and testing. During the early stages of the project, the Materials Engineer will conduct tests and collect data on a variety of possible materials. Will work closely with Chief Engineer and Aerodynamic Engineer to select proper materials for a successful design. Will work with Manufacturing Engineer to assess the manufacturability of all components.

Sylvan Hemmingway Mechanical Engineering Aerodynamic Engineer

Responsible for the detailed aerodynamic analysis of the vehicle design. Must be able to perform complex engineering calculations, analysis, and simulations relating to the flight dynamics and aerodynamics of the air vehicle.

Joe Chow Industrial Engineering Manufacturing Engineer

Responsible for all manufacturing actions and decisions. Must ensure that the product can be produced cheaply and efficiently with the materials and methods available. Will work closely with the designer and material expert to develop a production process that meets and/or exceeds the project goals for manufacturability.

Brian David Mechanical Engineering/Tech Propulsion Expert

Responsible for developing the propulsion subsystem of the air vehicle as well as performing all related engineering calculations. Will work with the Aerodynamic Engineer and Materials Engineer to determine power and thrust requirements for the air vehicle.

All Team Members Multi-Disciplinary General Team Member

All team members should be capable of working well with others in a structured team environment. All team members will also be responsible for procuring components and materials, documenting the detailed design, as well as all other administrative work. All team members should keep the schedule, time constraints, cost, and project goals in mind while performing their duties. All team members should make an effort to secure outside funding for the project and attract new sponsors. All team members are encouraged to work outside of their specific role in order to assist other team members when necessary.

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