P09141: ITT Thermal Heater Controller


Table of Contents

Project Overview

Project Vision

The mission of the project is to design, analyze and test a scalable prototype of a thermal heater controller for the Space Systems Division of ITT. The controller will be present in future satellite-imaging systems.

Project Background

The system can be described as a group of distributed, autonomous thermal control units that share the same power input. The satellite thermal heater controller is a single master multiple slave system that can be arrayed in a distributed fashion with centralized control.

Project Objectives

The team in P09141 will engage in the mission of developing the Thermal Heater Controller for ITT. The product shall operate by encoding and decoding modulated signals through the power lines. The product shall allow for communication between the components in the system, thermally stabilize critical optical subsystems and be packaged to operate in a space environment.

The team will need to develop an enclosure for the slaves and representative thermal loads for testing the thermal performance. The team will need to demonstrate compliance to the vibration and thermal specifications.The slaves must be able to communicate through wiring to a master unit.

From left to right: Scott Rioux, Greg Pawlowski, John Scipione, Sarmad Abedin, Chuck Moon, Perry Voyer, Anthony Berwin

From left to right: Scott Rioux, Greg Pawlowski, John Scipione, Sarmad Abedin, Chuck Moon, Perry Voyer, Anthony Berwin

Administrative Information

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Project Name
Satellite Thermal Heater Controller
Project Number
Project Track
Aerospace Systems and Technology
Project Family
ITT Corporation
Start Term
Winter Quarter 2008 (20082)
End Term
Spring Quarter 2009 (20083)
Primary Customer
ITT Corporation (www.itt.com)
Space Systems Division (www.ssd.itt.com)
Chuck Moon
Perry Voyer
Secondary Customer
D3 Engineering (www.d3engineering.com)
Scott Reardon, PE
Project Team
Sarmad Abedin
Anthony Berwin
Greg Pawlowski
Scott Rioux
John Scipione
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Faculty Guide
George Slack
Student Guide
Jay Radhakrishnan
Faculty Consultants
Margaret Bailey
Sohail Dianat
Christopher Hoople
Marca Lam
John Wellin
Special Thanks to
Jerome Barczykowski
Robert Kraynik
Christianna Walter
Contact Information
Team Documentation

Published Documents

Presentation (Open with Microsoft PowerPoint)
Technical Paper
Assembly Plan
Test Plan

Design Information


Team Values and Norms

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Data Collection

Mission Statement

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Staffing Requirements

Required Resources

Concept Development

Customer Needs

Target Specifications

Product Concepts

System Level Design

Detail Design

Mechanical Detailed Design

Electrical Detailed Design

Industrial Detailed Design

Testing and Refinement