P09141: ITT Thermal Heater Controller

Required Resources

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The purpose of this page is to establish the resources necessary to support successful development, implementation and utilization of the project. This would include specific faculty expertise for consulting, required laboratory space and equipment, outside services, customer facilities, etc. This page was used primarily for DPM and only marks a starting point for Senior Design.


Item Source Description Availability
Expertise and Direction Mr. George Slack Faculty Guide Yes
Technical Expertise: Control Systems Dr. Mark Hopkins Faculty Consultant Yes
Technical Expertise: Thermodynamics Dr. Margaret Bailey Faculty Consultant Yes
Expertise and Direction Chuck Moon Customer Yes
Expertise and Direction Scott Reardon Customer Yes


Item Source Description Availability
General Lab & Storage Area D3 Engineering Area for the storage of parts and general lab equipment for project assembly. Unconfirmed
TI DSP Lab D3 Engineering Area for developing and testing TI DSP printed circuit boards. Unconfirmed
Testing Lab RIT, D3 Engineering or ITT Area for vibrational and thermal testing. Unconfirmed
Electronics Lab EE Department Area for prototyping, simulation and testing. Yes
Control Systems Lab ME & EE Departments Area for programming, simulation, testing, printing and the internet. Yes
Computer Lab ME & EE Departments Area for design, analysis, printing, scanning and the internet. Yes
Meeting Area Senior Design Floor Area to conduct meetings. Requires workspace, seating, a whiteboard, a computer and a projector. Unconfirmed
Manufacturing Area Machine Shop Area to machine parts. Area for developing packaging for slave enclosures Yes


Item Source Description Availability
Computer Software (MATLAB, Pro/E, SolidWorks, ANSYS, etc.) ME & EE Departments Access to computer software in order to complete design, programming, analysis, simulation and testing. Yes
Testing & Assembly Equipment Electronics Lab & Machine Shop Access to assembly and testing equipment. Yes
Data Signal Processing (DSP) D3 Engineering Access to Texas Instrument's DSP (28x family). Yes


The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Availability
Texas Instrument DSP D3 Engineering Texas Instrument DSPs (28x family) for testing of the control system Yes
Power supply D3 Engineering Power bus for the control system Unconfirmed
Hybrid Heater Controller D3 Engineering or ITT Fundamental building block for the thermal heater controller design Unconfirmed


These prices are estimates. The total cost may range between 875 and 4825 dollars.

Item Description Individual Cost (dollars) Quantity Total Cost (dollars)
Sensor Thermistor in the slaves 5-50 2 10-100
Circuit Board Print circuit board in the master and slaves 50-400 3 150-1200
Slave Enclosure Box that encloses the slaves 100-500 2 200-1000
Master Enclosure Box that encloses the master 10-100 1 10-100
Power Supply +28V power bus 100-400 1 100-400
Heater Device that heats the inside of a slave 100-500 2 200-1000
Cooler Device that cools the inside of a slave 100-500 2 200-1000
Wire Wiring between subsystems 5-25 25ft 5-25

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