P09203: RP1 Motor Module Gen 2


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Project Overview

The ultimate goal of the development of the Robotic Platform Family is to provide off-the-shelf selections of mobile Robotic Platforms for future design projects, faculty projects or student groups in need of a mobile platform. The motor module would interface with a platform designed to support a 1kg payload. The RP 1kg (RP1) motor module (MM) follows previous mechanical designs of the 10kg (RP10) and 100kg (RP100) models and collaborates with RP1 project P09204.


Administrative Information

Team Member Information

Name Discipline Team Role public/Team_pic.jpg
Lauren Farnsworth ISE Team Leader/DFMA
Matthew Missel ME Design Engineer
Greg Leaper ME System Analysis/Edge Administrator
Michael Egan ME Systems Engineer
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Project Information

Project Name
2nd Generation RP1 Motor Module
Project Number
Project Family
Modular Scalable Robotic Vehicle Platform
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Wayne Walter (ME); wwweme@rit.edu
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Mark Kempski (ME Department)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Todd Fernandez
Primary Customer
Dr. Ed Hensel (ME)
Customer contact information
Dr. Ed Hensel, RIT Mechanical Engineering

Project History

The RP1 Generation 2 is an improvement of the existing RP1 Generation 1 system. For detailed information on the RP1 Gen1 system and the RP10 variant, please use the links below.

P08205: RP1 Motor Module 1st Generation (EE Side)
P08208: RP1 Motor Module 1st Generation (ME Side)
P08201: RP10 Drive Platform 2nd Generation

Team Documents

Project Content

Below is a week by week record of all deliverable material for the RP1 project.

Senior Design 1 Deliverables
A collection of all weekly deliverables during Senior Design I.
Senior Design 2 Deliverables
A collection of all weekly deliverables during Senior Design II.

Design Files

SIMULINK Model.zip
Solidworks Prints
Solidworks Files
Assembly Guide.docx
Bill of Materials.xlsm