P09204: RP1 Motion Controller Gen 2


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Project Overview

The goal of the Robotic Platform Family of projects is to provide a product line of off-the-shelf motor modules and platforms for diverse applications. The RP 1kg (RP1) motor module (MM) follows previous designs of 100kg and 10kg models. The full description of this system is defined in the Interface Control Document (ICD).
RP1 Gen2 Assembly

RP1 Gen2 Assembly

The mechanical portion of this project is covered by team P09203, link to edge website: https://edge.rit.edu/content/P09203/public/Home.

This link is for use by those assessing our progress. Please refer to the links within this document to measure our success: MSD Grading Criteria (.xls)

This document details possible improvements to the design, methods to increase efficiency of the electrical systems, advancements to the software provided functionality, and ideas to reduce the production cost of the system as a whole: Future Improvements (.doc)

The Bottom Line

Complete collection of all RP1 documentation, hardware information, and software builds:

User Guide

A basic guide for using the Robotic Platform for 1kg loads.

System Control

For all information on the system interfaces including ports, electrical characteristics, usage information, communication protocols, chassis characteristics, internal and external wiring and interconnect, and more please reference:

Software Control

For all information regarding the Operational Software (firmware on-chip), the Windows/Linux client software Graphical User Interface (GUI), the PIC Operational Software, code repository location and structure, build instructions, programming instructions, Subversion Checkout procedures, and the P09204 Operational Software Application Programmers Interface (API) please reference:
Latest Software Builds
Operational Software (goes on the RP control system BDMicro ATmega128 microcontroller):

Client GUI Software (compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X):

*WARNING* Client GUI Software requires Java 6 or higher to run!

Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Motor and Servo Controller Arduino Nano source code:

Hardware Control

For all information regarding the power distribution and conditioning circuitry, the Programmable Interface Controller (PIC) circuitry, the Motor Driver circuitry, internal electrical interfaces and characteristics, detailed interconnection discussion, board fabrication layouts, and more on the electrical subsystems of the RP1 P09204 control system please reference:

Detailed schematics and user manuals for microcontrollers:

Administrative Control

For all information regarding customer requirements, customer needs, comprised materials list and billing information, and other administrative tools and documentation please reference:

System Testing

For all information pertaining to systems testing including unit testing of hardware and software systems and platform integration testing:

Administrative Information

Team Member Information

Name Discipline Team Role
Nandini Vemuri EE Team Lead, Power Systems Design, System Testing
Jason Jack CE Technical Lead, GUI Design, Operational Software Design, Website Administrator
John Corleto CE PID Controller Design, Systems Integration
Emily Phillips EE Technical Writer, Financial Management, Systems Integration
Ryan Schmitt CE Wireless Systems Design, Systems Integration
Jeffrey Howe EE PCB Layout Design, Power Systems Design, DC Motor Driver Design

Project Information

Project Name
2nd Generation RP1 Motion Controller
Project Number
Project Family
Modular Scalable Robotic Vehicle Platform
Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Wayne Walter (ME); wwweme@rit.edu
Faculty Consultant
Prof. George Slack (EE); gbseee@rit.edu, Dr. Dan Phillips (EE); dbpeee@rit.edu
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Todd Fernandez
Primary Customer
Dr. Ed Hensel (ME)
Customer contact information
RIT Mechanical Engineering

Project History

The RP1 Generation 2 is an improvement of the existing RP1 Generation 1 system. For detailed information on the RP1 Gen1 system and the RP10 variant, please use the links below.

P08205: RP1 Motor Module 1st Generation

P08208: RP1 Motor Module 1st Generation

P08201: RP10 Drive Platform 2nd Generation

Team Documents

Project Content

Below is a week by week record of all deliverable material for the RP1 project. All material is intended to be open for any person to view; if a link is broken or the content is restricted, please contact one of the Faculty Consultants for this project as listed in the Administrative Information section above.

Senior Design I Deliverables

A collection of all weekly deliverables during Senior Design I.

Senior Design II Deliverables

A collection of all weekly deliverables during Senior Design II.

Concept Design Review (SDI)

A collection of all material reviewed during the first Design Review for Senior Design I.

Detailed Design Review (SDI)

A collection of all material reviewed during the second Design Review for Senior Design I.

Design Data

A collection of all design material including electrical schematics, PCB layouts, and operational software code and client GUI code.

Material Reference Documentation

Any documentation on parts data sheets for parts used, motor data sheets, or microcontroller information.

Published Documents

All final documentation resides here.

Concept Design Review (SDI)

Detailed Design Review (SDI)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (.ppt)

Technical Conference Publication (.docx)

Poster Publication (.ppt) (.pdf)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery