P09221: Innovative Composite Parts for a Formula SAE Racecar Vehicle


Table of Contents

Week 1

Required Resources

Work Breakdown Structure

Three Week Plan


Issues & Risks

Intellectual Property Considerations

Team Values and Norms

One Page Project Summary

5 Minute Intro

Status Update

Week 2

5 Minute Presentation

Action Items and Goals for Week 3

Two Quarter Schedule

Final Needs Assessment

Modified Target Specifications

Final Work Breakdown Structure

Concept Generation


Final One Page Project Summary

Week 3

5 Minute Presentation

Functional Decomposition

Concepts Generated PowerPoint

Chassis Concept Selection Matrices

Pedal Box Concept Selection Matrices

Aerodynamic Concept Selection Matrices

Week 4

5 Minute Presentation

Final Product Specifications

Racecar System Architecture (pdf)

Week 5

Finalized Risk Assessment

Resin Selection

Updated Cost Analyses
Chassis Undertray Pedal Box
Chassis Cost (pdf) Undertray Cost (pdf) Pedal Box Cost (pdf)

System Level Design Review