P09221: Innovative Composite Parts for a Formula SAE Racecar Vehicle

Establish Target Specifications

Prepare the List of Metrics

The table below presents the metrics, or engineering specifications, that will be used by the team to design against. Note: Items listed as 1.X reference the composite chassis. Items listed as 2.X reference the composite aero package.

List of Metrics
Need No. Metric Importance Units Marginal Value Ideal Value
1.1 Chassis Torsional Stiffness High Stiffness: lb*ft/degree 2000-2500 2500-3000
1.2 Chassis Weight Medium Weight: lbs 55 45
1.3 Normal Driving Impacts VERY High Impact Resistance w/ Cone @ Speed (mph) 75 85
1.4 Cost Medium $/part TBD TBD
1.5 Plug/Mold Production Time High Weeks 14 12
1.6 Part Production Time Low Hours 4.5 3
2.1 Aerodynamic Downforce Generation High Downforce: lbs @ 30mph 20 25
2.2 Aero Package Weight Medium Weight, lbs 30 25
2.3 Aero Center of Pressure Location Low Longitudinal Location on Car Within 6-8" of CG Directly Below Center of Gravity
2.4 Cost Medium $/part 800 650
2.5 Plug/Mold Production Time High Weeks 4.5 3
2.6 Part Production Time Low Hours 4.5 3