P09221: Innovative Composite Parts for a Formula SAE Racecar Vehicle


Table of Contents

Project Overview

This project consists of designing and manufacturing innovative structural composite components for the RIT Formula SAE racecar. Primary focus will be placed on a carbon fiber monocoque and a carbon fiber aerodynamics package. The main goals of the monocoque include ease of manufacturing, increased stiffness, and decreased mass. The aero package is expected to provide downforce while keeping weight gains to a minimum.

2007-2008 FSAE Racecar (F16)

Administrative Information

1991 FSAE Racecar

1991 FSAE Racecar

Project Name
Innovative Composite Parts for a Formula SAE Racecar
Mission Statement :
To build easily manufactured, light weight, stiff, high performance composite components for the RIT Formula SAE racecar.
Project Number
Project Family
FSAE Autosports
Vehicle Systems Technology
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Alan Nye (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Primary Customer
R.I.T Formula SAE Team
Customer contact information
R.I.T Department of Mechanical Engineering
Office : 09-2450

Team Documents

Project Readiness Package Fall 2008

5-min Commercial

Functions and Needs

Voice of Customer

Customer Interviews

Charts for Customer Needs

Affinity Diagram

Objective Tree

Function Tree

Voice of Engineer

Preliminary Target Specifications


Week 1

Required Resources

Work Breakdown Structure

Three Week Plan


Issues & Risks

Intellectual Property Considerations

Team Values and Norms

One Page Project Summary

5 Minute Intro

Status Update

Week 2

5 Minute Presentation

Action Items and Goals for Week 3

Two Quarter Schedule

Final Needs Assessment

Modified Target Specifications

Final Work Breakdown Structure

Concept Generation


Final One Page Project Summary

Week 3

5 Minute Presentation

Functional Decomposition

Concepts Generated PowerPoint

Chassis Concept Selection Matrices

Pedal Box Concept Selection Matrices

Aerodynamic Concept Selection Matrices

Week 4

5 Minute Presentation

Final Product Specifications

Racecar System Architecture (pdf)

Week 5

Finalized Risk Assessment

Resin Selection

Fabric Selection

Final MSD I Deliverables

MSD Test Documentation (.doc)
Updated Cost Analyses
Chassis Undertray Pedal Box
Chassis Cost (pdf) Undertray Cost (pdf) Pedal Box Cost (pdf)

Design Reviews

System Level Design Review Agenda

System Level Design Review (1/19/2009)

Final Design Review Agenda

Final Design Review (2/16/2009)

Final 30 Minute Project Overview