P09221: Innovative Composite Parts for a Formula SAE Racecar Vehicle

Ryan Baldi and Anthony Salvo

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Anthony Salvo

Email: afs4537@rit.edu
Anthony Salvo is in his fourth year on the RIT Formula SAE team. During his membership, he has served as a manufacturer and the Chief Drivetrain Engineer for two racecars. He is currently the Project Manager for the 2008-2009 racecar.

Ryan Baldi

Email: rsb1774@rit.edu
Ryan Baldi is currently in his fifth year of team membership. He has held positions as the chassis welder, the Fabrication Group Leader, the Engine Group Chief Engineer, and competition driver. He is currently the team's Chief Engineer.

Interview Summary

Where: 09-2325
When: 7pm 10/30/08
Why: Initial needs discussion

Executive Summary: