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Project Overview

Did you ever see the Formula cars around campus and think "wow, those are cool, I wonder what goes into them"? If you are answering yes to any of these questions then now is your chance to be a part of the making the fastest vehicle on campus even faster.


This is the third year in development of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) with the goal to put an RIT ECU on the Formula Car this year. The motivations are to showcase RIT's student engineering talent, enable the Formula team to custom tune their engine and replace the high cost purchased ECU units in the future. The current ECU (MoTeC's M400) though programmable is basically a black box and dictates engine component interfaces and devices.

Circuit Board Board Layout

Administrative Information

Project Name
FSAE Engine Control Unit III
Project Number
Project Family
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Prof. Slack/ Dr. Phillips (EE)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Phillips (EE)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Todd Fernandez
Primary Customer
Dr. Nye (ME), RIT Formula SAE Racing teamm
Customer contact information
Dr. Nye (ME)
Mechanical Engineering Associate Dept. Head, Team Manager
ahneme@rit.edu, 475-6121

Team Documents

MSD I Project Plan

P09222 Project Readiness Package

Project Summary

Project Schedule

Functional Work Breakdown Structure

MSD I Mid-Project Review

MSD II Project Plan

Project Schedule

Initial Planning

Staffing Requirements

Team Values and Norms

Customer Needs

Weekly Progress Report (MSD I)

Week 1: Project Overview & Initial Work Breakdown Structure

Week 2: Secondary Work Breakdown Structure & Refined Customer Needs

Week 3: Functional Block Diagram

Week 4: Simulation & Hardware Testing

Week 5: System Level Design Review

Concept Development

Concept Generation & Evaluation

Concept Improvement & Selection

Unit Specifications

Feasibility Analysis

System Level Design

Product Architecture

Engineering Analysis

Risk Analysis

Detail Design

Hardware Design

Hardware Detail Design Review Summary

Hardware Detail Design Review Actions

Enclosure Design

Case Detail Design Review Summary

PCB Design

PCB Schematic - Rev. 15 (in use)

Current PCB Schematic - Rev. 16

For Schematic and Layout Archive: See SVN documents

Bill of Materials

Manufacturing & Assembly Plan

Testing and Refinement

NI-DAQ Implementation Plan

Detail Test Plan

New Signal Quality VI Guide

New Timing VI Guide

Published Documents

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

ECU Poster Publication

Read Me First

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

Photo Gallery