P09226: Composite Filament Winding Machine


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Dry Wind

The goal of this project is to develop a low cost, first generation filament winding machine which produces simple composite tubing. Problems have existed in the past of jointing purchased carbon fiber tubing to the space frame of the Formula SAE racing vehicle, and our ability to manufacturing this composite tubing is very limited. This project seeks to begin simply, by developing a machine that can produce cheaper composite tubes (i.e. fiberglass) with limited fiber angle orientations (relative to ability to bear stress). With this platform as a stepping stone, future Senior Design teams can improve upon the design and increase the scale and scope tubular composite manufacturing, hopefully with the end goal of having a machine that can produce carbon fiber tubing at around raw material cost.

Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon Fiber Joint

Carbon Fiber Joint

Project Name
Composite Filament Winding Machine
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Competitive FSAE Autosports Systems
Vehicle Technologies Track
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Alan Nye (Mechanical Engineering)
Faculty Consultant
Mr. Carl Lundgren (MET) and Dr. David Orlicki (EET)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
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RIT Mechanical Engineering Department
Secondary Customer(s)
Formula and Baja SAE Teams
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Carbon Fiber Tube http://www.prodivisiongolf.com/images/carbon-fiber-tubes-5(tfauf2).gif

Carbon Fiber Joint http://http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/photos/tech/look/585-seattop.jpg