P09233: Airframe Measurements and Aircraft Controls


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The mission of the Measurements group is to provide a means for measuring and calculating all the necessary parameters for the flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Primarily through the use of superior measuring devices, and accurate dynamic characterizations. We strive to provide accurate data from our measurement systems for in-flight control and monitoring. We strive to exceed engineering standards while encouraging an environment for intellectual growth.

Specific roles and responsibilities or varying team members will be divided according to academic major and specialty.

  • Mechanical Engineer
Dynamic Characterization (Fluid/Structural); Sensor Design and Placement; Sensor Testing and Calibration
  • Electrical Engineer
DAQ; Power Management; GPS Implementation; Sensor Design and Placement; Sensor Testing and Calibration

The work done will allow other teams in the R09230 - Open Architecture, Open Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Imaging Systems Roadmap to control and monitor the airframe for continual safe flight. Initial testing will be done in the wind tunnel, or on basic test frames provided from other groups, the final measurements system will be integrated into the primary airframe and will directly interface with the on board control system.

Project Name
Airframe Measurements
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Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technologies Track
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Jason Kolodziej (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Jeffrey Kozak (ME)
Primary Customer
R09230 - Open Architecture, Open Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Imaging Systems
R09560 - Open Architecture, Open Source Aerial Imaging Systems
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