P09233: Airframe Measurements and Aircraft Controls

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Step 1. Gather Raw Data From Customers

Interactions with Customers

See the customer interviews on the Mission Statement page.

Our customer for the measurement system consists of the other teams in Senior Design that are part of the development of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. We have asked them to give us a list of items that they would like to measure, as well as other information they would like to have access to in both the short term and long term portions of the project. The following lists include the desired measurements from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Groups. The imaging group has discussed an interest in specifying similar microprocessors and sensors for use in controlling the camera module, this is reflected in the following customer needs.

Link to list of Customer Needs.

Step 2. Interpret Raw Data in Terms of Customer Needs

  1. GPS Measurement (in real time)
  2. Velocity Measurement
  3. Remaining Battery Charge
  4. Light Sensor (for camera system)
  5. Altitude Measurement
  6. Roll, Pitch, Yaw (& rates) (in real time)
  7. Vibration Dampening
  8. Power Source
  9. Microprocessor

Step 3. Organize the Needs into a Hierarchy

Step 4. Establish the Relative Importance of the Needs

Needs Summary
Need The Product Needs to Importance
GPS Measurement GPS Receiver RT;Acc;GUI HIGH
Velocity Measurement Pitot Static Tube RT;Acc HIGH
Remaining Battery Charge SOC Gauge RT;Acc MEDIUM
Light Sensor Light Meter RT;Acc LOW
Altitude Measurement Pressure Sensor RT;Acc MEDIUM
Roll, Pitch, Yaw (& rates) Gyroscope RT;Acc HIGH
Vibration Dampening Rubber Pads Ro MEDIUM
Microprocessor Microprocessor RT;Acc;GUI HIGH
Power Source Battery Ro MEDIUM

RT = Real Time Data Acquisition

Acc = Accurate Data

GUI = Simple User Interface

Ro = Robust

Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process

This process has helped us narrow down the required measurements, and also illustrate the stretch goals of the measurements system. The customer has expressed their needs and our engineering knowledge has changed their needs into specific measurement devices, and based the the requirements of the customer, we can rank the desired measurement sensors and focus our effort on the essential elements of the measurements system and then revisit, if time allows, to address the less required sensors. For our specific project, the customer desires controllable flight, which requires many sensors that the customer would not request, and it falls on us to know what sensors will be needed for controlled flight, and address these sensors first.