P09233: Airframe Measurements and Aircraft Controls

Select Product Concept(s)

Prepare, Rate & Rank the Concepts in the Selection Matrix

Using the Pugh method we have developed a list of several different devices that will measure all of the parameters desired by the end user and needed for the control of the unmanned aerial vehicle. The following document shows the use of the Pugh method to screen out the researched components that will not meet our design criteria.

From this spread sheet we can move the the second step of the Pugh Method: The Selection matrix

Concept Screening Matrix

Select One or More Concepts

From the Screening Matrix we then weighted the key features of each component the made it through the first screening process, the weights allowed for each component to have a overall score based on how well is would satisfy our requirements. The rating results can be seen in the following spreadsheet.

Concept Selection Matrix

After completing the above Screening Matrix, we purchased the top components from each matrix, these components will be the first that we receive and test, if these components do not perform to our needs we will revisit this process and reselect a second device to fulfill the need.

The weights for the criteria for each component were discussed as a group, and then based on a group average, a weight was assigned that would work for each component. See the weighting criteria below, the "FUNCTION" criteria was reserved for any additional criteria specific to a single device, allocated to be split up into any denomination.

Weighting Criteria

Reflect on the Results and the Process

Please see the following document for the components purchased as a result of the top ranked components in the Selection Matrix.

Senior Design I Expenses

This method had given our team a list of components to purchase and test, as well as a way to document why each of the components purchased in the first round of purchasing won out over the other components. This method allowed us to compare our first choices with all the other researched items and the objectively assess which technology would best serve our project.