P09310: Automatic Shift Controls for ATV

Assembly Plan

Assembly Plan

The master parts list shows all the parts in the assembly of the shifter system. The micro controller and the handle bar switch units are identified as sub assemblies only and are not present in the master parts list. All these parts may or may not change in terms of manufacturing process because this assembly plan is strictly for the prototype product only.

Master Parts List
public/parts list.jpg public/list.jpg
Sub Assembly 1 (SA 1) Consist of 1 Bracket (P-2), 1 Backing plate (P-10), 8 SS Flat head Phillips screw 8-32 7/8" (P-7), 1 Rotating disc (P-11), and 1 Pivot clamp (A) (P-12).

The bracket (P-2) and the backing plate (P-10) is a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machined part. This part, upon cost analysis, will be determined on whether it will be made out of casted aluminum or machined from aluminum for mass production. The flat head Phillips screws (P-7) are used to fasten the backing plate (P-10) and the pivot clamp (P-12) on the rotating disc (P-11). The rotating disc (P-11) and the pivot clamp (A) (P-12) is machined out of aluminum. The rotating disc(P-11) however is machined on a lathe and made out of delrin. The rotating disc (P-11) is inserted onto the bracket (P-2) and the 4 flat head screws (P-7) are used to fasten the pivot clamp (P-12) from the other side to the rotating disc (P-11). The backing plate (P-10) is used to hold the clamp (P-12) and the rotating disc (P-11) together. 4 flat head Phillips screws (P-7) are used to fasten the backing plate. The assembly is properly assembled only when the pivoting clamp (P-12) rotates 360 degrees about the rotating disc's plane. This completes the sub assembly 1 (SA-1).

Sub Assembly 2 (SA 2) consist of 1 Tab (P-3), 1 Toe bar (P-5), 1 Shift lever press fit attachment (P-4), 4 SS Flat head Phillips screw 8-32 5/8" (P-14), 1 Socket cap screw (P-15).

The tab (P-3), toe bar (P-5) and the shift lever press fit attachment (P-4) are CNC machined part made out of Aluminum. 4 flat head screws (P-14) are used to fasten the tab (P-3) to the shift lever press fit attachment (P-4). The assembly is flipped so that the toe bar (P-5) can be fastened to the shift lever press fir attachment (P-4) with a socket cap screw (P-15)

On the final assembly which is the ATV itself the sub assembly 2 (SA-2 ) is inserted side ways onto the ATV and fastened with a (socket cap screw). The sub assembly 1 (SA-1) is then mounted on to the chain guard mounting hole along with the chain guard metal piece with 2 Clamp Bolts SCHS 8-32 5/8" (P-6). The Pingel electric actuator (P-1) purchased from a vendor is inserted to the clamp (P-12) on the side of the ATV. The clevis pin (P-8) is used to hold the solenoid shaft to the shifter tab (P-3). This is then secured with the help of a cotter pin (P-9) which is inserted into the hole on the clevis pin (P-8). Pivot clamp (B) (P-13) ,CNC machined aluminum part, is then used to mate with the clamp (A) (P-12) and secured with the 2 clamp bolts (P-6) clamping the Pingel actuator (P-1) in place.

The handle bar switch unit sub assembly (SA-4) process has not yet been determined but the placement of the unit is on the riders left hand side handle bar. The micro controller unit sub assembly (SA-3) will be done not in the shop floor but in another facility. The units location on the ATV is yet to be determined.

The assembly process of the prototype autonomous shifter for the Polaris ATV is described below on a fish bone diagram. (click to enlarge)

public/assembly1.jpg public/assembly2.jpg public/assembly3.jpg Legend


Tools required:
Phillips head screw driver
Standard Allen wrench set

Materials used:

Aluminum plate
Aluminum bracket
Backing plate
Round stock
Toe bar
Aluminum square
Shifter attachment piece
Rotating disc

Facilities required:

Machine shop (Lathe, Milling machine, Drill press, Band Saw)
Brinkman lab (CNC)