P09310: Automatic Shift Controls for ATV
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Wiring Schematics

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Wire Connections

There are four main added components to the system, the microcontroller, gear display, gear indicator and MOSFET circuit. The wires connecting the four are displayed below.


The microntroller has a 34 pin connector numbered as shown. The table of each wire input/output is tabulated below.

public/Board Layout/controllerpinout.jpg

public/Board Layout/pinoutchart.jpg

Gear Display

The gear display takes signals from microcontroller output and ATV system sensors to display gear, upshifting, bad shift request, system error and ATV errors. The display is connected with a 16-pin connector as shown below

public/Board Layout/geardisplaypin.jpg

Gear Indicator

The original connector for stock gear indicator was used. In order to keep from having a different wire for each gear only one is needed to read a measured voltage after a supply power of 5V from the microcontroller is applied to the resistive circuit designed. The two wires in the connector are #19 which reads the voltage into the input of the microcontroller, and #17 which supplies a 5V supply from micro controller.

Final Board Layout

public/Board Layout/topfinal.jpg

public/Board Layout/bottomfinal.jpg