P09310: Automatic Shift Controls for ATV

Evaluation of Design

Evaluation of Customer Needs

Easy to use:
System requires no training more than how to turn it on. The ATV will shift on its own, button shifting is intuitive and labeled and gear indicator shows the user what the system is doing.

Safe to use:

The added components are out of the way of the user and do not hinder rider ability.

Retain reverse lockout:

Feature remains integrated

Ergonomically Sound:

Button locations designed with human factors for optimum distance. Switches are momentary and do not require looking down or resetting, tactile feedback confirms button has been pressed.

Normal use durability:

All mechanical parts are designed and analyzed to withstand normal and heavy ATV use. Electrical component hardware needs more structured mounting, and weatherproof enclosures to ensure full durability.

Exposure to elements:

Again, electrical components could have better waterproof enclosures for different conditions it will be subject too. Also, a rubber sleeve could be purchase to protect the shaft of the cylinder from wear.

Race conditions:

With the use of a correctly operating solid state relay, the system should have no issues with heavy usage, long duration or rough terrain. There was no extensive testing on these applications however the system is designed to perform to those standards.

Lasts lifetime of vehicle:

There was no conclusive testing method available for this customer need, the mechanical system is robust and was analyzed using ANSYS to withstand the loading and should not suffer from fatigue failure or deformation. The electrical system may draw from the battery but the battery is a replaceable item and is not considered a lifetime component.

Safe for transmission:

The microcontroller was tested and successfully shifted at programmed shift points. Downshifting at high RPMs, possibly the most detrimental to the system, is not allowed through the micro controller in either button or auto mode.

Fast shifting:

Shifts were recorded to be less than spec at 0.05 seconds.

Smooth Shifting:

Shifting is smooth and spark cutout virtually undetectable. Testing of several riders concluded that smoothness during a shift is not sacrificed with the system.

Duty Cycle:

There is no recharge or duty cycle required for the system or any maintenance that would be required during a pit stop.

Dynamic operation:

Manual shifting is still available and button and auto shifting allow racer or enthusiast to shift according to their needs whether they need to shift before the auto program in order to gain power or pass during a race, something the controller cannot detect. The system is well tailored for general or race optimization.


The design requires no drilling of new holes to the chassis, all parts are mounted using existing holes. Common parts and connectors are used and number of operations is kept at closest to minimum.

Lower cost:

Cost of single design is not lower than the previous group however the new design incorporates fully functional auto shifting and user interface which was not included at all in the previous design.

Easy to install:

Assembly plan was constructed and all components are able to be installed using no specialty tools, requires no additional drilling and assembly is not complex.


Final weight of all components

Evaluation of Specifications

Excel Specifications: FinalSpec.xls