P09310: Automatic Shift Controls for ATV

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Heirarchial Work Breakdown

Work Breakdown Structure

Risk Assessment

Description of Risk Possible Consequences Prob. of Risk Severity of Risk Overall Risk Contingency Plan
Team Member Safety Serious injury H H H Follow Safety Rules; see Staff Requirements on this site.
In investigating the current design, it is determined that too many components must be redesigned Lack of funding, time, adjustment in schedule M M M Re-evaluate project deliverables and schedule
ATV does not have room for adding needed hardware components Need for designing bracket or other device that will add to weight and cost L M M Fabricate parts that do not hinder rider ability, adjust schedule
Software integration fails or is not compatible to meet deliverables Automatic shift control not attainable with selected software L H H Re-evaluate concept design
Allocated budget is not sufficient for product fabrication Component costs do not fit into projected budget H M H Cost reduction analysis, narrow scope
Project ends in Winter quarter which makes Field Testing difficult and unpleasant. Late or incomplete ATV "seat time" field testing. H M H Contact Baja Team for suggestions. Define testing tasks that can be done indoors. Consider methods to change test variables (programming) through thick gloves. Mechanical adjustments difficult since most the hardware is at ground level.

Preliminary SDI and SDII Schedules

Note: Preliminary prototyping, mock-ups and testing activities need to be added to SD I schedule below for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility of selected design concepts prior to commitment of SD II final build and test.

Senior Design 1 Projected Schedule

Senior Design 1 Projected Schedule

Note: Two fully integrated engineering development cycles of performance testing and redesign is needed. This is in addition of prototype testing performed in SD I. Perhaps purchase and building of stable sub-systems could start in SD I to allow the team to focus on building and debugging new design areas during SD II.

Senior Design 2 Projected Schedule

Senior Design 2 Projected Schedule

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