P09321: Medical Dispenser


Project Summary Project Information

The focus of this project is to produce a robust prototype that demonstrates the principles of operation that would nominally incorporate a series of patented technologies and ideas to produce a scalable device to dispense pill type medications. The sponsor currently has a prototype device that demonstrate the dispensing of small parts. The goal of this effort would be to produce a prototype that would enable the secure dispensing of a week's supply of 6 different pill type medications to two separate individuals, similar to application in a home environment. The focus is on producing an reliable and compact electro-mechanical dispensing mechanism that can be controlled by a common laptop computer. The laptop computer would be utilized for further user interface development and secure dispensing algorithms and methods.

Original Documents

Project Readiness Package Template (word document)






Weekly Logs MSDII

Project Name
Dispenser System Prototype Upgrade
Project Number
Project Family
Automation development
Medical Appliances
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Phillips (EE)
Faculty Consultant
Mr. Hanzlik (ME)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Primary Customer
John Veenstra

Team Documents

Planning Concept Level Design System Level Design

Mission Statement

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Required Resources

Power Point Template

Meeting Minutes Template

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Target Specifications

Generate Product Concepts

Select Product Concept(s)

Test Product Concept(s)

Set Final Specifications

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD I)

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication (SD II)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

Photo Gallery

Shuaib Simulation Files

Week 1

Deliverables Other Documents

Customer Needs (xls) Preliminary

Project Summary Preliminary

Staffing Requirements Prelim

Two Quarter Plan (Microsoft Project) Preliminary

Two Quarter Plan (PDF) Preliminary

Team Values and Norms Prelim

Week 1 Status Report

Project Overview Presentation

Week 2

Deliverables Other Documents

Customer Needs (xls) Final

Project Summary Final

Staffing Requirements Final

Two Quarter Plan (Microsoft Project) Final

Two Quarter Plan (PDF) Final

Team Values and Norms Final

Specifications Prelim

House of Quality

Week 3

Deliverables Other Documents

Benchmarking Presentation

Specifications Final

Concept Presentation

Benchmarking Results Presentation

Customer Definition

Critical Paths

Week 4

Deliverables Other Documents

Risk Assessment v1 (xls)

Flow Diagram (Visio)

Flow Diagram (PDF)

Pugh Chart (xls)

Concept Drawings (doc)

Benchmarking (ppt)

Proof of Concept (ppt)

Risk Assessment v2 (xls)

Sensor Research (xls)

Firmware (FPGA) FSM (visio)

Firmware (FPGA) FSM (pdf)

Test Plan v2 (doc)

UML Diagrams

Engineering Analysis missing PCB (doc)

SDR Meeting Notes (doc)

Prototype Data


Week5/PDR Documents

Deliverables Other Documents

Existing Dataflow (pdf)

Existing Dataflow (Visio)

Proposed Dataflow (pdf)

Proposed Dataflow (Visio)

Existing Electrical Flow (pdf)

Existing Electrical Flow (Visio)

Proposed Electrical Flow (pdf)

Proposed Electrical Flow (Visio)

Firmware Finite State Machine Diagram (pdf)

Firmware Finite State Machine Diagram (Visio)

Mechanical Critical Path (ppt)

Software Critical Path (ppt)

PUGH Diagram Updated (xls)

Refill Process (ppt)

Integration Diagram (vsd)

Integration Diagram (pdf)

Mechanical Engineering Analysis (ppt)


Pro-Con Presentation on EEPROM Selection (ppt)

Pro-Con Presentation on FPGA/USB Controller Selection (ppt)

Week6 Documents

Deliverables Other Documents

Week7 Documents

Deliverables Other Documents

BOM Components (xls)

Sensor Research (xls)

Read ROM FSM Updated! (pdf)

Read ROM FSM Updated! (vsd)

Sector Erase (pdf)

Sector Erase (vsd)

Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader Datasheet (pdf)

Sagem Morpho MSO 300 Datasheet (pdf)

OP240 Infared Emitting Diode Datasheet (pdf)

OPL530 Photologic Sensor (pdf)

Week8 Documents

Deliverables Other Documents

Shuaib Research (doc)

Sensor Problem Solving (doc)

Becky Sensor Research (ppt)

Sensor Research Summary (doc)

Collapsed Diagram (bmp)

Collapsed Diagram X-Axis (bmp)

Upright Diagram (bmp)

Upright Diagram X-Axis (bmp)

Final ROM Read FSM (pdf)

Final ROM Read FSM (vsd)

Final ROM Write FSM (pdf)

Final ROM Write FSM (vsd)

Presentation (pptx)

Week 9 DDR Documents

Deliverables Other Documents

Mechanical DDR Presentation (pptx)

Mechanical DDR Presentation (ppt)

GUI Mockups (vsd)

GUI Mockups (pdf)

UML (vsd)

UML (pdf)

Input Output Truth Tables (xls)

User Access Levels (doc)

Electrical Software DDR (ppt)

Electrical Software DDR Take 2 (ppt)

Row Driver Simulations (doc)

Critical Paths (pdf)

Critical Paths (vsd)

Gator.... eh???? (ppt)

Data Logic Flow (pdf)

Data Logic Flow (vsd)

MSD II Critical Paths (pdf)

MSD II Critical Paths (vsd)

Electrical Flow (pdf)

Electrical Flow (vsd)

Week 10 (Half way!)

Deliverables Other Documents

Engineering Analysis

GUI Flow Chart

Hole Placement (xls)

Mike's 90% (ppt)

Week 10 Project Review Presentation (ppt)

Lab 1 for OPB745

Week 1 MSD II

Deliverables 'Other Documents

Test Plan (docx)

Week 2 MSD II

Deliverables Other Documents

Bottom PCB Drawing (pdf)

Bottom PCB Drawing Blank (pdf)

Top PCB Drawing (pdf)

Top PCB Drawing Blank (pdf)

Week 3 MSD II

Deliverables Other Documents

Electrical BOMv2 (xls)

PSPICE Comparator Simulations (zip)

Week 4 MSD II

Deliverables Other Documents

Assembly Housing (eDrawings)

Bottom PCB (eDrawings)

Mechanical BOM (xls)

Bottom PCB Drawing (pdf)

Bottom PCB Drawing (blank) (pdf)

Top PCB Drawing (pdf)

Top PCB Drawing (blank) (pdf)

Sink PCB Drawing Pass

Source PCB Drawing Pass

Mini A PCB (newer, cheaper!)

Mini B PCB (newer, cheaper!)

Mini B2 PCB (newer, cheaper!)

Week 5 MSDII

Deliverables Other Documents

PCB Board (newer, cheaper, awesomer!)

Cable Diagram (pdf)

Sink Schematic (express pcb)

Source Schematic (express pcb)

Contract (docx)

Test Plan (docx)

Thank you letter to aluminum supplier (docx)

Week 6 Electrical System Review

Schematics Layouts Other Documents

Sink Schematics (sch)

Source Schematics (sch)

Sink Layout (old)

Sink Layout (Most Recent)

Source Layout

Cabling Diagram Page 1 (jpg)

Cabling Diagram Page 2 (jpg)

Becky BOM (xls)

Shuaib BOM (xls)

Dr. Phillip's Sketches (pdf)

Week 7 MSD II

Footprints Layouts

Cin Footprint (p)

Cout Footprint (p)

Diode Footprint (p)

Fuse Footprint (p)

Photo Sensor Footprint (p)

Sink 4-23 Layout

Sink Component Layout

Source 4-21 Layout

Source Component Layout

Sink 4-24 Schematic

Week 8 MSD II

Layout Schematic Other Assembly Drawings

Sink 4-23

Sink Component 4-27

Source 4-21

Source Component

Source Board 4-28

Source Components 4-29

Source Components 5-1

Source 5-1

Sink 4-28

Sink 4-24


Source 1 4-30

Component Boards (ppt)

Pinout Source (xls)

Assembly Housing (eDrawings Viewer Required)

Assembly Housing Exploaded View (eDrawings Viewer Required

Week 9 MSD II


Inventory (xlsx)

Technical Paper v2.0 (docx)

FPGA Pinout (xls)

Week 10 Final Upload of Schematics and Layouts

Layouts Schematics Documentation EE Documentation

Sink (pcb)

Sink Component Board (pcb)

Source (pcb)

Source Component Board (pcb)

Sink Schematic (sch)

Source Schematic (sch)

Final Poster (ppt)

Final Project Review Presentation (pptx)

Technical Paper (docx)

EE Documentation (doc)

Appendix A (LM2596) (txt)

Appendix B Sink Schematic (bmp)

Appendix B Source Schematic (bmp)