P09343: Microwave Device II
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Joel Barry

Joel's Page

All simulation files presented on this webpage are still preliminary results. Parasitic impedances and some design tuning problems are currently being worked out between the Ansoft Designer and Ansoft HFSS simulation tools.

When you click on the below links, please right click and select "Save Target As" and save as the type of file designated.

The following simulations were performed in Ansoft Designer Version 2.2. The first link represents the ideal simulation of the full Knochel Hybrid 180 Degree Coupler with all tuning networks implemented. The second link represents the ideal model of the same circuit but without the 180 degree filtering stub (labelled Z6). For These Files, please save as a *.ADSN file.

Designer Simulation File - Ideal

Designer Simulation File - No Z6 Stub Filtering Ideal

The following simulations were perfored in HFSS Version 11. The first link represents the initial simulation of the full Knochel Hybrid circuit. The second link represents a low resolution (10 adaptive passes with a convergence of 0.03) file for the Knochel Hybrid circuit without the Z6 filtering stub. For these Files, please save as a *.HFSS file:

HFSS Simulation File - Initial Ideal

HFSS Simulation File - 12 Adaptive Passes

The following file has been exported from HFSS to be imported into Ansoft Designer for use in determining the Butler Matrix B performance. Please right click on the link below and save it as a *.S4P file:

HFSS N-Port Simulation Export to Designer - 12 Adapative Passes