P09451: Thermo-Electric Module for Large Scale Systems

Mission Statement

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Product Description

The focus of this project will be to make improvements to last year's power module unit design, perform more extensive testing and address some issues that surfaces from the preliminary testing done last year. This year's team will develop a second generation prototype power module that would more closely simulate a power unit that might be deployed on the exhaust stream of a Dresser-Rand Vectra or other turbine. This unit may include the use of air cooling to simulate a power unit serving both as a power generator as well as a recuperator. The team will make improvements in temperature sensor locations to better monitor heat spreading and understand multidimensional conduction which is currently not accounted for in the modeling. The team will also design and implement strategies for max power tracking and the handling of module array mismatch due to differing temperature gradients.

Primary Market

KGCOE- Students and Professors

Secondary Market

Dresser-Rand Corporation



Obtaining TE modules that operate under higher temperatures


Research Professors, Dr. Stevens

Graduate Researchers, Kevin Smith

Dresser Rand, Paul Chilcott

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