P09452: Compressor Part Fabrication and Compressor Revamp

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Grade Level MSD I MSD II
D Team did not finish set goals becuase of tardiness. Team did not document well their work, and did not keep a good relationship with Dresser Rand. Team did not accomplish the ReVamp of compressor due to bad decisions made during the quarter. Teams documentation and presentation of work was terrible, and none of the specifications asked by customer were met.
C Team was tardy and unorganized, but accomplished some of the goals set forth. Team did not finish the revamp of compressor and did not provide a satisfactory reason for this, but set up the project to be continued easily.
B Team finished all the goals for the quarter, but could have done a better job. Team finished ReVamp but documentation could be better
A Team did an excellent job accomplishing all goals for quarter and starting working on MSDII. Also the team has a good relationship with Dresser Rand and communicates regularly with the company. The ReVamp is complete and the team has started setting up the Variable Valve Timing Mechanism. Also the teams documentation is very through and every question that could be asked has been answered by the team satisfactorily in the team's documentation.

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