P09452: Compressor Part Fabrication and Compressor Revamp

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The P09452 Team will be asked to revamp a compressor so that it can be safely handled by RIT students. The goal for this project will be to prepare the compressor for future tests, and the instillation of a variable valve timing mechanism. To accomplish this, the team will have to perform structural analysis, electrical feed analysis and compressor process analysis. Also they will have to prepare a Data acquisition system, and possibly take the compressor apart and reduce its size. The final goal will be to make operating the compressor as safe as possible.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

  1. Safety and minimizing effects on the surrounding college environment are key goals for the installation and revamp.
  2. RIT and Dresser-Rand intend on using the revamped compressor for future projects of health monitoring concerning variable valve timing technology.
  3. The interface should provide a head start for future teams to successfully create a data acquisition system.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

The Primary Consumer is RIT
  1. Product is to be used in the college environment with minimal disturbances.
  2. Future Plans include generations to implement changes and create data acquisition system.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Dresser-Rand Company
  1. Investigate technology and problems surrounding their products
  2. Use as a test compressor for performance issues and enhancements.

Assumptions and Constraints


  1. Dr. Margaret Bailey
  2. RIT Mechanical Engineering Department
  3. Future RIT students
  4. Co-ops and Grad students who will be running tests on the unit.

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