P09452: Compressor Part Fabrication and Compressor Revamp

Objective Evaluation of Project Success

Areas of Strength

The team members of P09452 are talented group of engineers. We were very good at working together, working with Dresser Rand. As a tam we wanted to learn about new technologies. We took the opportunity to learn about cutting edge data acquisition systems such as Prognostic.

The team was also excellent when working under pressure. We could not get in touch with Dresser Rand until Week 3 of SD1. We had to perform out concept development phase quickly.

Areas of Improvement

There were weeks when the team could not balance senior design tasks with other classes. Due to this tasks had to shuffled in order to finish them on time. They could have been done better if this hadn't occurred. There is always room for improvement when it comes to time management.

It was hard to acquire compressor manual documents from Dresser Rand and tasks had to be rushed due to this. For the next project manager, it would be useful to get in touch with Dresser Rand representatives weeks ahead of SD1. Scheduling weekly phone conversations with Scott before SD1 would also be wise.

The next team should try and have an EE with a strong instrumentation and controls background on the team. Three ME's would not be required. A team of 2 ME's, 1 IE, 1 EE would be ideal.

Summary for Future Project

Team P09452 has developed a detailed installation manual for the future team. We expect that before the next team starts the compressor will have been installed in the test cell. The next team will have to implement the interface developed. A detailed review of the LabVIEW interface has been written and provided. Also a detailed list of sensors and specifications haven been provided along with a sensor installation document. The sensor installation document should specify what each senor does, and where it should be installed.

Here is a list of tasks for the future team to get compressor fully operational:

  1. Review the sensor list.
  2. Work Ray McKinney from dresser Rand to reduce cost of sensors.
  3. Order Sensors
  4. Test each senors at it location and make sure it is the best spot for it. Tweak when necessary.
  5. Test the Educational Labs developed
  6. Make sure that the ventilation and structural specification are met.
  7. Check other safety requirements