P09452: Compressor Part Fabrication and Compressor Revamp

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure

Also here is an Objective Tree of the work breakdown structure with tasks assigned.

Work Breakdown Resource Table

Three Week Project Plan
Person Week 0->1 Tasks

(8 Dec 06)

Week 1->2 Tasks

(15 Dec 06)

Week 2->3 Tasks

(22 Dec 06)

ME1 Reviewing ProEngineer or Solidworks, Going over P08452 documentation, Working on reading a understanding technical documents provided by Dresser Rand Show and tell to team, as well as start working on compressor part fabrication documentation
ME2 Reviewing Matlab and going over P08452 documentation Developing understanding of air flow and compression cycle of compressor Show and tell to team. Ventilation analysis of work space
ME3 Reviewing ANSYS 9.0 and going over P08452 documentation Looking at structure of room, starting vibration analysis of compressor Show and tell
IE1 Making detailed notes of P08452 documentation, talking with Dresser Rand Helping with Structural Analysis Helping with documentation
EE1 Learning LabView. Looking into electrical feed going into workspace Looking into making safe ways of inputting electrical feedback to compressor.

Risk Assessment Table

Risk Assessment table
Description of Risk Possible Consequences Probability of Risk(H/M/L) Severity of Risk Overall Risk Contingency Plan
There is a possibility that compressor might not arrive on time This would cause project help up for few weeks M H H If compressor is late we simply have to wait. But team could prepare for compressor early, and order compressor in 2 weeks ahead of time.
Team will not have the expertise needed to complete project Team will have to spend time learning certain skills M M M Time should be allocated in PRP for learning curve
Team will not know how to operate and handle compressor safely Loss of body parts can result from this M H H A safety training session must be set up with Dresser Rand
Team will not be able to install Variable Valve Timing Mechanism The next team working on compressor will have to take over this task. H L M Team must figure out how much time will be spent on learning curve and make sure to figure out if it is feasible to put this instillation on scope.
Staffing Requirements will not be met Certain aspects of the project will be unfinished H M H If this was to occur the team can ask for help from faculty consultants, or find an independent study. Also some of the work done by a EE can be done by a CE.

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