P09452: Compressor Part Fabrication and Compressor Revamp

Staffing Requirements

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Table of Staffing Requirements

The staffing requirements for the project are summarized in the table below.

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. Margaret Bailey Mechanical Engineering Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Dr. Mark Kempski Mechanical Engineering Faculty Consultant, Will provide discipline technical support on an intermittent basis.
ME1 Mechanical Engineering Develop CAD drawing of compressor parts
ME2 Mechanical Engineering Thermal and flow analysis
ME3 Mechanical Engineering Vibration and Structural Analysis
IE1 Industrial and Systems Engineering Human interaction with Dresser Rand, Structural Analysis, Room layout
EE1 Electrical Engineer with CE concentration Electrical feed analysis and revamp, data acquisition unit set up, sensor set up
CE1 instead of EE1 Computer Engineer with good knowledge of Electrical Engineering Electrical feed analysis and revamp, data acquisition unit set up, sensor set up


Please also view the Objective Tree of the Work Breakdown Structure for more details.


Dr. Bailey will be instrumental to this project as a faculty guide. Here roll is to facilitate communications with Dresser Rand. Help the team if any unforeseen circumstances arise. Also she can help the team out with better understanding the compressor.

Dr. Kempski will advice the team on and controls and systems problems.

Team Members

ME1: will be focused on getting the technical drawings done and interpreting drawings received from Dresser Rand. This team member will also help with the design of ReVamp.

ME2: will focus on thermal and airflow analysis. He must have a good working knowledge of thermodynamcis. He too will help in the ReVamp of Compressor

ME3: will perform vibration analysis of the compressor and structural analysis.

IE1: will manage and human interaction with Dresser Rand. Also this person will help out with structural analysis, and will develop a workable room layout for the workspace.

EE1: will set up the data acquisition unit, and perform research on the best equipment to get. Also he will be required to design the ReVamp of the Electrical Feed into the compressor.

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