P09453: Energy Audit at Fort Stanwix


Project Background


The Fort Stanwix National Monument is situated in the heart of donwtown Rome, New York. The fort played an important role during the French and indian War and was crucial to the outcome of the American Revolution. Its reconstruction was completed in the early 1970s. when the park opened to the public in 1976, a key piece that was missing was the visitor center. Given the omission of the visitor cener, there was inadequate space for a wide range of visitor orientation and support functions. when the Marinus Willett Collections Management and Education Center opened in 2005 these problems were alleviated and more space became available for proper care and treatment of the museum collection, visitor orientation, and interpretive and educational programs. currently, the 13,7000 square-foot Willett Center houses exhibits, audiovisual presentations, public event space, a bookstore, and a climate-controlled muse=um collection storage area for some 450,000 items in the museum's collection.


The addition of the Willet Center has dramatically added to FSNM's energy consumption. Consider, for fiscal year 2007, electricity costs for the fort and for the maintenance facility were $16,550, and natural gas costs for those two facilities were $11,521. The total cost to heat and light the fort and the maintenance facilities sums to $28,071. Over the same time period, electricity costs for the Willett Center totaled $37,347 and natural gas costs were #12,,587. The total cost to heat and light the Willett Center was $49,934. The toatl cost of energy for the FSNM in 2007 was &78,005. By itself, the Willett Center now accounts for almost 2/3 (64%) of FSNM's total energy costs.

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