P09453: Energy Audit at Fort Stanwix


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Energy Audit at Fort Stanwix
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Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace
Energy and Sustainable Systems
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Dr. Brian Thorn (ISE)
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Dr. Andres Carrano (ISE)

Updated Project Readiness Package

Project Readiness Package

The fort Stanwix National Monument (FSNM) was greatly expanded with the 2005 addition of the Marinus Willet Collections Management and Education Center.Energy costs have risen commensurate with the growth of the FSWM footprint. A team of faculty and students for the Rochester Institute of Technology propose an enery partnership project with the FSNM with the intent to identify opportunities by which energy costs at FSNM can be reduced.

Toward this end, the RIT/FSNM team will

1] Perform and onsite energy audit of park facilities
2] Examine past energy consumption patterns
3] Generate a report detailing the energy saving opportunities identified, the economic implications of the opportunities, and a plan for implementation
4] implement a pilot test of a renewable energy approach to showcase at least one of the savings opportunities identified

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E3 Fair

Primary Customer
Debbie Conway
Customer contact information
Debbie Conway
Fort Stanwix National Monument
fax 315-334-5051
Team Lead - Kyle Mininni (ISE)
Chief Engineer - Rob Hudson (ME)
Mechanical Engineer - Ryan Andrson (ME)
Industrial Engineer - Mauricio Pommier (ISE)
Electrical Engineer - Joanne Okvath (EE)

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Solar Power Demo

eQuest Model

Energy Conservation Measures

System Level Design Review - 1/19/2009

Detailed Design Review - 2/13/2009

Managerial Design Review Presentation - 2/18/2009

Technical Conference Publication - 5/15/2009

Poster Publication - 5/15/2009

Final Design Review - 5/18/2009

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