P09453: Energy Audit at Fort Stanwix

Identify Customer Needs

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Customer Needs

Customer Needs

Customer Need # Importance Description Comments/Status
CN1 1 Reduce current total cost of energy at FSNM to offset the impact of potential 'green' energy opportunities and conservation measures Not met - Willett Center: 64% of energy costs and NPS has become 'trend setter' for green activities (more expensive)
CN2 1 Recommendation of potential energy saving opportunities Not met - Divide short and long term opportunities
CN3 1 Recommendation of 'go-green' project opportunities and conservation measures Not met
CN4 1 Evaluate impact of energy saving opportunities on budget Not met - Economic analysis of savings (ROI)
CN5 1 Understand current energy use Not met - Perform onsite energy audit to capture and determine energy use - Willett Center focus
CN6 1 Evaluate current gas and electricity billing structure Not met
CN7 1 Investigate alternative ESCOs and billing structures Not met
CN8 2 Analyze impacts of a 'green' billing structure Not met - cost effects & tax breaks, part of FPS green initiative
CN9 1 Develop a pilot test of a renewable energy project Not met - based on energy saving opportunities
CN10 1 Implement a pilot renewable energy demonstration-scale project Not met - further customer refinement on 12/13 site visit
CN11 1 A comprehensive and cumulative final energy assessment report Not met - annual savings, ROI, benefit-cost
CN12 3 Develop a training presentation on energy saving techniques for employees Not met
CN13 2 Energy conservation software for tracking energy consumption Not met - if possible, find & train on software
CN14 1 Environmental conditions of specified FSNM locations and equipment remains with tolerances Not met - archives & artifact storage are climate controlled

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