P09453: Energy Audit at Fort Stanwix

Solar Power Demo

Solar Power Demo

As a secondary objective of this project, the team was required to design and build a "renewable energy demonstration" for display in the Willett Center. After a considerable amount of debate on the intended focus of the renewable demo, the team designed and built an interactive solar power display. The display features 1 300 watt lamp shining on two small solar panels, each of which powers a fan that blows streamers. The panels are placed at different angle to the light. One faces perpendicular to the light, while the other is angled away. The light is also controlled by a dimmer switch.

The objective of the display is to educate visitors on the various factors influencing the ability to produce solar power. Visitors are encouraged via a sign to try to figure out which fan is powered by which panel by adjusting the dimmer switch, and determining which fan is blowing more powerfully. This is aided by the streamers, which provide visual cues.

The demo was displayed at the E3 Fair on 4/30/2009, and at Imagine RIT on 5/2/2009.


public/Sign for solar demo.JPG


Sign For Solar Demo - PPT

Renewable Demo Bill of Materials

This is a Google Sketup file of the a preliminary design for the demo.

Box Layout

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