P09454: Design and Testing of Centrifugal Pump Components

Generate Product Concepts

Table of Contents

Problem Clarification and Categorization

In order to meet customer needs and target specifications, the project was decomposed into smaller segments based on function. The team identified the basic themes on how the project can achieve the customer needs adequately. (ex: System efficiency, Quick Impeller Change Time, etc.) The team then brainstormed concepts and ideas to further decompose the idea to a level where engineering solutions can be implemented. The results of the exercise are presented below:

System Efficiency (related to performance)

Quick Impeller Change Time

Line of Sight of Flow

Withstand Operating Stress



Step 2. Search Externally

The teama searched externally for ideas and concepts which will provide a solution to the 11 engineering areas identified in the previous exercise. The concepts generated are stated below:

Step 3. Search Internally (Based on Existing System)

The concepts for the 11 concept areas were then compared to and benchmarked against the existing pump system developed under P08453.

Step 4. Explore Systematically

Some of the identified concepts were compared systematically compared to the benchmark and a decision was made if the team was going to pursue the changes or leave it as is. The following documentation outline the thought process for redesigning/resizing the Tank, Motor, Housing and Pump.

Housing Redesign Cost/Benefit Analysis

Raise Pump Cost/Benefit Analysis

Tank Redesign Cost/Benefit Analysis

Motor Redesign Cost/Benefit Analysis

Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process

Belowis a summary of what concepts areas that the team will be continuing to improve and what areas the team is going to reuse the existing technology of the pump.
Concept Generation Summary
Continue? Concepts
Yes Impeller, Diffuser, Volute, Housing, Sealing/Fastening, Raising Pump, Draining
No Motor Redesign, Tank Redesign