P09454: Design and Testing of Centrifugal Pump Components


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The purpose of this project is to develop a variety of impellers and diffusers to use on the existing table top PIV system developed under project P08453 in 2007-2 through 2007-3. Developing these interchangeable parts, enables users to visualize more sophisticated types of flow through the pump system than possible at present.

Project will involve the design and production of the above mentioned impellers and diffusers. Furthermore, it will build on the existing design to improve the quality of the results produced by the PIV system. The recommendations of the previous year's design team can be used as a preliminary vision for further development of this system.

At the end of the academic year 2008/09 the team will deliver a functional PIV system for demonstration at ImagineRIT. The project will be used afterward for faculty and graduate research in turbomachinery flow visualization. Furthermore, the PIV system will also be used to as a teaching tool for undergraduate coursework and labs.

This project is part of the "R09450: Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace" project family roadmap and is sponsored by its primary customer: Dresser Rand Corporation. This project will predominantly serve the secondary customers of the project family roadmap. However, the technology developed here will be beneficial to the primary customers in the long run. The PIV system will be used more extensively for research purposes by graduate and faculty researchers and thereby will enhance the knowledge base of turbomachinery flow visualization. This would be of paramount importance as we progress further into this proposed family of projects.

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Dresser Rand Corp.

P08453: Turbomachinery Flow Visualization | Image of P08453 Pump System

R09450: Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace

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Design and Testing of Centrifugal Pump Components
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Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace
Flow Visualization
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Dr. Steven Day (ME)
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Graduate & Faculty Researchers
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Dresser Rand Corp.

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