P09454: Design and Testing of Centrifugal Pump Components

Mission Statement

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Product Objective Statement

The purpose of this project is to design & develop interchangeable impellers and diffusers which will work on the existing PIV system in order to characterize different flows through the pump system developed under P08453.

Team will deliver 3 impellers & 3 diffusers which can be used on the existing pump system to characterize more sophisticated flow patterns. Additionally, the team will also be responsible for setting up experiments and performing PIV reading using the new impellers & diffusers in order to demonstrate the project.

This project is part of the 'R09450: Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace' project family roadmap sponsored by Dresser-Rand Corp. The successful completion of this project will enable faculty researchers and graduate students to use the PIV system for both project and research. Furthermore, it can also be incorporated into labs and projects for undergraduate coursework.

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