P09454: Design and Testing of Centrifugal Pump Components

Risk Assessment

High Risks & Mitigation Plan

Fabricating the impellers from acrylic stock is challenging due to the properties of the material. Therefore, the work piece has a risk of fracture or deformation. Upon consulting prospective contractors, the team was advised to fabricate the impeller blades and the plate separately as this would significantly lower the associated risks. Also, this action plan can reduce the overall cost of fabrication of the parts. Furthermore, since some of the impeller designs were complex, they would require 5 axis milling which was both sparse and expensive. However, in deciding to fabricate the impeller blades separately, the team has essentially eliminated the need for 5 axis milling capabilities.

Since the team has little expertise and experience with LabVIEW software and data acquisition system, the task of updating the existing GUI is challenging. The existing DAQ system is semi functional and thereby requires the team to fix many issues arising from it. The team will be seeking the help of a faculty consultant to guide the team towards achieving the goal of a fully functional DAQ system.

For further detail on risk assessment please review the following documentation:

Detailed Risk Assessment Documentation

Detailed Risk Assessment & Mitigation Summary